Ziggy Ziegler is a now Bay Area artist with roots in Santa Cruz. Having grown up in finish cabinetry shops with his father teaching him the basics of woodworking, he still uses much of the finishing techniques in his sculpture today. Beginning with wood and light his sculptures now incorporate an array of materials including glass, steel and shell. Turning space into sacred space using art and light is his ultimate goal. Sacred space can create a container for personal transformation and growth, which is what Ziggy wishes to inspire more of in the world. 




Erika Frost has been drawing since she could remember. The newest link in a long chain of woodworkers, she took to pyrography as her own homage to the medium and her skill as an illustrator. She's since become focused on combining technology alongside more traditional techniques, branching out into jewelry making and sculpture. 




 They met talking about art one night at a Beats Antique concert, they connected while showing at the same gallery a few months later. Four years later they continue talking about art and making it too! Together they make Infinite Bloom.